Stories In There

In the 2008 documentary It Might Get Loud, U2 guitarist The Edge talks about the experience of buying his first serious guitar. It wasn’t specs or branding that made him walk out of the music store with the Gibson Explorer with which he would create U2’s signature sound. It was, instead, something he could only describe by saying-

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Within These Milwaukee Video Production Soundstage’s Walls…

Being back at Video Wisconsin with its wide ranging history has been so much fun. Especially, if you consider all the projects and interesting things that have happened over the years, most of it on the sound stage. The best part about a sound stage is that once the doors closed lots of creative energy and stories begin to unfold. So, I thought I’d start off a blog sharing a brief trip down memory lane with … if these walls could talk.

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Video Production

’80s Video Production – Guest Blogger Scott Brader

In 1987 when I worked at Video Wisconsin (the first round), I had the opportunity to project lead an exciting project called Style and All that Jazz, produced for the Kohler Company.  It was a big budget video with a four week turn-around time right in the middle of winter and the holidays.  Back in “those days” creativity was somewhat limited by the technology and simple things took forever.  There were a lot of great memories from that project, mostly from working with the talent of individuals who have since moved on to other business endeavors.  I thought you’d like to hear from some of them and see what it took to put together an award winning video with only six key people involved.  First up is Scott Brader.  Scott was part of a three person production crew of which I was one and Ralph Metzner was the other.

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My New Milwaukee Home!

As a newbie here at Video Wisconsin I was told my first day would not be the most conventional for someone in sales that I would actually be assisting on a commercial shoot. As someone with a large interest in the film and video production industry I was more than excited to see first hand what a commercial shoot entails.

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Video Production for Internet Marketing – Does Your Company YouTube?

Companies looking to get their products in front of the public have many avenues. There are Billboards, Facebook, Twitter, Magazine ads, etc. However, one area oft overlooked is YouTube. Effective for large corporations, and essential for small businesses, YouTube is more than just entertainment.

Why YouTube and video marketing is a great idea for your business:

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