Whiskey Bottle and Glass on the

Meyer Bros. @ Bryant’s

So today we had our first full day shoot on our new  Sony FS7. To say it was a wild success would be an understatement.

Beyond the gorgeous cinematic images produced at frame rates up to 240 fps, what made it successful was the folks that made it all happen.

First was our client, Bob Meyer, who puts out one fantastic product; Meyer Brothers Old Fashioned Mix. We were asked to help him illustrate the versatility of this product, with the help of the folks at the Alcoholmanac, by creating a series of recipe videos. It’s not too hard to put in a long day when the focus is craft made cocktails.

The setting couldn’t be beat either. Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge is one of the most famous cocktail lounges in America, and is famous for its take on the Wisconsin Old Fashion. They hosted us in their well known velvet room where Bar Manager, Jeff Kinder, crafted up the concoctions.

But best of all, and what made the day truly successful, was the priveledge of working along side my talented team of creative film makers.  These guys bring an unbelievable work ethic and passion to the craft. They take the job serious but make it fun in the process.

Having some new tools in the tool box made today special, though. It was an absolute blast to see how every shot we made was followed immediately by a gathering around the playback monitor to marvel at the results. What can I say? For a bunch of kids at play, new toys bring a whole lot of excitement.

Thanks to everyone … and every THING for a great day!


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