My New Milwaukee Home!

As a newbie here at Video Wisconsin I was told my first day would not be the most conventional for someone in sales that I would actually be assisting on a commercial shoot. As someone with a large interest in the film and video production industry I was more than excited to see first hand what a commercial shoot entails.

I have had some video production experience, I was part of an amazing production crew for a capstone course at the University of Wisconsin and during this course I received hands-on experience being a director of photography, camera assistant, gaffer, boom operator, sound mixer and editor.
To my surprise working on the commercial was exactly the same as working with my production crew. I felt right back in my element; working with a Canon 5d, the same dolly, bounce boards, gels, c-stands, 2k lights, even the same sound-mixing device; the smallest details can really make a difference on a production set. It was nice to feel right back at home in such a new environment.

Video Wisconsin is large but is such a tight-knit family, each member holding their own and bringing in their unique talents – creative director, cameraman, audio, and the newest addition set designer, my official title for the afternoon.

As someone new to this video production company and sales it is crucial to get a full understanding of what Video Wisconsin offers their clients, as well as the type of people I am working with and those working with potential clients. It’s so important to learn about my surroundings so when I become a successful sales account executive I can fully explain the ins and outs of Video Wisconsin. My first day was all I could have asked for and more, creating a bond between myself and my co-workers, seeing them hard at work, sharing a delicious pizza and understanding the finer details of what each of them do here.

If this was my first day, I can’t wait to see what my second day is like!