Video Production for Internet Marketing – Does Your Company YouTube?

Companies looking to get their products in front of the public have many avenues. There are Billboards, Facebook, Twitter, Magazine ads, etc. However, one area oft overlooked is YouTube. Effective for large corporations, and essential for small businesses, YouTube is more than just entertainment.

Why YouTube and video marketing is a great idea for your business:

1) Reaching out to customers: Tutorials, vlogs, previews, demonstrations, advertisments, etc. all lead to consumer engagement. When consumers are engaged they are more likely to use your product. Which leads me to the next point:

2) Measuring consumer response: One of the great things about YouTube is the ability for your audience to respond and share the video. The comment and share section of the YouTube video is an amazing way to gauge consumer reaction, mostly because it comes from the consumers themselves, without the need for a study group. Consumers can respond directly with questions or comments, and you can easily answer. In addition to comments, consumers can also share the video with others they feel might like or need your services, a quick copy and paste to their Facebook, and they just reached other consumers you didn’t know existed.

3) Search Engine Optimization: With YouTube being owned by Google, one can assume that YouTube videos would be crawled earlier and more often than other video hosting sites, such as Vimeo. With each video comes another chance at a higher ranking for your company’s site. More YouTube videos linking back to your company’s website brings valuable links from outside sites to raise your SEO and thus exposure.

To reach people online, you need to be where they are, keeping that in mind, here are a couple interesting facts about YouTube:

  • 1 hour of video is uploaded every second (that comes to just under ONE DECADE of content every day). Which seems like a large number, except when considering:
  • Just over 500 YEARS (fifty decades) of YouTube clips are watched through shared links on Facebook, every day.

If you are not including online video in your marketing strategy, then there is a huge hole regarding lead generation. This is where Video Wisconsin, located just outside of Milwaukee, comes in. We can help you establish an online video presence: script writing, storyboarding, casting, filming, editing, post-production, and publishing. Contact our sales department today (262-785-1110) to get your company’s next video marketing project rolling.