Videographer and Editor, Brandon Gaschler, joins seasoned Video Wisconsin Team

Brookfield, WI – April 24, 2016 – Brandon Gaschler, an accomplished cinematographer with extensive studio and on-location experience, has joined Video Wisconsin as videographer and editor.

Brandon Gaschler, the quintessential renaissance man is the newest addition to the Video Wisconsin team.

“We are excited about having an opening to offer Brandon. I’ve been wanting to bring him on board since I first saw his work and resume’ in 2013. Brandon is armed with skill sets such as editing, cinematography, motion graphics and compositing, which make him very versatile from every aspect in the production process”, says Hartley, Vice President of Video Wisconsin. “Brandon has worked on a lot of different projects, for such companies as HDNet Movies and his own company, Checkmate Entertainment”.

“Versatility defines my workflow. . .and passion is what fuels my creativity and imagination. . .”
– Brandon M. Gaschler

With his extensive background and degree from the University of Colorado in film production, Brandon has a knack for great storytelling, whether it’s seeing the world through a lens, or dynamically arranging images in the edit. Storytelling is an art form to him, and he is what you might call a “sculptor of the digital medium”. Come check back in a few months to see some of his work posted on our website.


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