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ZOMBIE – Behind The Scenes

Finding time to do promotional work for one’s own company can be a challenge, especially when one equates time to money. But we had this idea for a promotional idea and once the itch started within the group, it needed to be addressed.

We have been working for many years with a very talented makeup artist, Lyn Marie Neuenfeldt of Blue Maxx Studios, on a variety of productions. Most of the time, we’d be calling on her to do simple “hair and makeup” on characters within our (usually) corporate film work. We first used Lyn Marie to provide elaborate makeup on my then six year old daughter. She transformed my daughter into Leonardo DaVinci for a grade school favorite person project (that grade schooler is now an engineer at Boeing.)

We’ve always been well-aware that Lyn Marie’s talents stretch well beyond simple hair and makeup. Her true passion is creating art… particularly fantasy, sci fi and horror art for film and theater. She’s worked on major motion pictures and broadway productions. She not only creates the characters with her makeup skills, she also skillfully sculpts and paints prosthetics and costume pieces. She showed off a sample of Freddy Krueger’s teeth “display” mounted on actual castings of Robert Englund’s teeth that she created back in the 80′s. An idea germinated to create a zombie-themed promotion. Who would be the “star” in our piece?

We didn’t have to look far. Mark West, our “fearless” team member jumped at the chance. Watching him sit under the lights for nearly five hours as Lyn Marie artfully created one of the most grotesque and convincing zombies I’ve ever seen was a unique experience that neither Mark or I will ever forget.

I’m fortunate to be working in a career that introduces one to such unique talent and look forward to working with her on something else other than our print promo piece. If you’d like to see the Behind the Scenes video, please click on the link:

ZOMBIE – Behind The Scenes